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Metro 24/7 and School this Fall.

 I really want to join this gym. Usually I am GREAT about motivating myself to go to the gym, but I just can't do it lately. I'd love for someone to go with in the mornings, like 7-8 amish give or take. It's $24 a month, no contract. I haven't joined yet for lack of motivation and fear of my fat ass getting stared at. LOL. Stupid, but it's true. Ugh. If you need an exercise buddy I am so up for it. I plan to go every morning M-F like I used to when I had a gym membership.

 On school... UGH. I only have 3 classes left + no motivation = me dropping/failing them. I have College Biology, College Mathematics, and College Algebra left. The only one I registered for this Fall is Biology because I waited too long and the Algebra class I wanted online is full, waitlist and all. I am taking Biology on East Campus ONLINE if anyone wants a study buddy. I could really use one, thanks.

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